Here’s My Story

Noel Joseph

I am Noel Joseph, currently residing in the UK. I have been working in the world of Motor Vehicles for more than a decade and have been focusing on Electric and Hybrid Motors.

I started my career with a B. Tech degree in Automobile Engineering with Electric Vehicle & Design became my field of specialization.

Today, all sectors, economy, design, automobile, and medicine, are more sustainable innovations.

The motto is to reduce the dependence on conventional fuels and tap on “electric” as the driver for new generation devices.

 Many countries are on the go towards adopting hybrid operative vehicles. Policy and other stakeholders are investing in research and development.

Investors are more willing than ever to put their money on Electric Vehicle Manufacturing.

Thus, I embarked on this ambitious mission to start to provide quality insight to people, professional and otherwise, on the various models coming out in the market. 

I observe that today, many specialists are emerging in this transformative field: Powertrain engineers, system engineers, battery modeling engineers.

The field electric vehicle design is guided by a technical-cum- design approach. I started my gig in the field by working as an Embedded Engineer, Electric Vehicles in the UK.

I see the entire electric ecosystem widening its scope for the better. Automobile companies are pushing out their policy visions for electric bikes and other vehicles.

Customers are curious and want to be updated with the best model and the best technology. 

The purpose of is to utilize my years of experience, working and now to teach in the field and impart qualitative knowledge about the needed models, the basics, the features to look out for, thus optimizing your purchase and investment.

The consumption of electric vehicles has rampantly increased in the quest for clean energy. The electrification of the auto industry is being encouraged by clean energy and automobile enthusiasts. 

For me, this topic is more significant than ever. My parents have been ardent advocates for environmental conservation and sustainable living.

My father was a professor of environment and sustainability for more than 30 years, while my mother has been associated with multiple ecological think tanks to frame robust policy.

I wanted to be a part of the space where technology and sustainability work in harmonious sync. I tried to educate people on how the world is rapidly transforming, and nothing works in silos.

It is all a collaboration, a give and takes. Thus, I created this hub where all readers could engage with concepts of electric vehicles and a lot more.

The vision is to expand the network of individuals with information on this emerging and prospering field.

Moreover, the ideas and innovation around electric vehicles keep increasing due to my constant interaction with my students. Thus the knowledge at is as wide and as deep.