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The Phatmoto all-terrain fat tire ebike is our first and definitely one of the frontrunners for best electric bike under $2000.

This model comes equipped with front suspension forks, front & rear disc brakes and a set of high quality 26 inch rims with 4 inch “fat” tires.

These thicker tires contribute significantly to the Phatmoto’s traction and all-terrain capabilities. Fat tires provide extra surface area and tread for taking on snow, sand and other uneven terrain, while the added thickness also helps with shock absorption and overall riding comfort.

The Phatmoto all-terrain e-bike comes with a 79cc industrial grade single cylinder 4 stroke engine that can produce a speed of up to 25 miles per hour. It was designed as a dual purpose gas-hybrid bike that can assist with pedaling, while at the same time not restricting the engine when operating on gas power.

The 100 mile range at speeds of over 20 miles per hour is arguably one of this bikes most impressive features. To top it off, the Phatmoto designers opted for the four-stroke engine that offers a simple pull-start handle set up with an on/off switch for easy control.

In terms of drawbacks or downfalls there aren’t many, however there are a few aspects that should be looked at. The Phatmoto is a gas-hybrid bike that uses 87 Octane gasoline, and therefore will cost more to operate, and produce harmful emissions that an electric powered bike would not.

The second factor that may be considered an issue is the size and weight of this particular model. Weighing in at 70.5 pounds, the Phatmoto is one of our heavier electric bikes under review. This extra weight may be seen as an issue for potential buyers looking for a lightweight, easily transportable option.

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Best Overall
Phatmoto All-Terrain Fat Tire Review
Phatmoto All-Terrain Fat Tire

Short summary

The Hollandia Dairy Shimano Nexus 3 hub-motor electric bike is a sleek and capable option for buyers in the e-bike market.

Equipped with a 250 Watt front-hub motor and a 468 Watt battery, this model has a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge.

The Hollandia Dairy Shimano Nexus 3 hub-motor electric bike is a sleek and capable option for buyers in the e-bike market. Equipped with a 250 Watt front-hub motor and a 468 Watt battery, this model has a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge.

The Hollandia features a 3-speed rear wheel that allows its riders to adjust the level of effort and speed to their needs. In addition, the cadence-sensing pedal assist allows the bike to sense pedaling and trigger the motor for assistance.

Ergonomically designed handlebars and saddle make this model a smooth and comfortable ride for people of all ages. Finally, a rear rack feature gives the Hollandia an added element of utility and convenience.

When we take a look at the drawbacks of the Hollandia Dairy, there are a number of potential issues that should be considered by potential buyers.

The motor/battery combination on this model is not going to be ideal for riders who want top class speed and acceleration. The modest 250 Watt motor will lack a lot of the power and prowess that some of the better equipped models have.

Another important factor to be aware of is the Hollandia’s weight capacity specifications. With a recorded maximum bearable weight of 250 pounds, this model is among the weakest of our five candidates in terms of carrying capacity.

Other models boast max capacities of 300 to 350 pounds, which puts the Hollandia Dairy at a significant disadvantage. With the rear rack’s transporting potential being a strong feature, this may be something that steer buyers in a different direction.

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Runner Up
Hollandia Dairy Ebike review
Hollandia Dairy

Short summary

The addmotor M-60 R7 is an awesome candidate for best electric bike under $2000 for a number of reasons.

Equipped with a smart sensor headlight, 5 inch LCD display and water resistant wiring, the electronic interface will stand up to the elements.

The 750 Watt geared rear-hub motor has 5 modes of pedal assist and can hit top speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

Equipped with 4” fat tires for increased traction and shock absorption, this model will handle all styles of terrain with increased comfortability. A mileage range of 45 – 55 miles and a battery life of 800 charge cycles makes this engine setup great for both power and efficiency.

In terms of the potential drawbacks of this electric bike model, there are a couple of important aspects to be aware of. Firstly, the headlight is powered by the main battery and is controlled by the display. This means that the light will drain your bike’s only battery source, while also running the risk of being unusable if your display for some reason stops working.

The second aspect that can be seen as a potential drawback is this model’s total product weight. The Addmotor M-60 is recorded at an fully assembled weight of 74 pounds, which is the heaviest of all five of our review candidates.

Compared to the lightweight options in the 45 – 55 pound range, this model is significantly heavier. The extra weight may in some cases prove to be an issue for buyers who are looking for something that is lightweight and easy to transport.

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Alternative #1
Addmotor M-60 R7 Review
Addmotor M-60 R7

Short summary

The Ecotric UL Certified fat tire electric bike is a great candidate for best electric bike under $2000.

Equipped with a 750 Watt brushless rear motor and a 48 Volt lithium battery, this model can reach a top speed of up to 25 miles per hour.

This supports the fact that the Ecotric fat tire e-bike is among the more speedy and powerful options in our review.

The 26 inch fat tire wheels provide extra speed and increased traction capabilities for tackling all kinds of terrain in any weather conditions. These high quality tires will also provide another level of shock absorption, while a front fork suspension setup also adds another degree of safety and comfortability.

In terms of the potential drawbacks associated with this model and its make-up, there are a few things to take a look into. The first factor to consider would be the relatively short mileage range that a full charge can provide.

The ride endurance on a fully charged battery is recorded to be somewhere around 25 miles, depending on how much throttle power is used. This will in turn limit riders to shorter distance trips and more frequent charging sessions.

A second potential issue or series of issues for customers to consider is the added size and weight of the Ecotric’s 26 inch by 4 inch wide fat tires. This model weighs in at 65 pounds, which could prove to be an issue for younger, smaller or less able riders looking for an easy transport e-bike.

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Alternative #2
Ecotric 26” Fat Tire Review
Ecotric 26” Fat Tire

Short summary

The X-Treme Trail Maker is another great option for the best electric bike under $2000.

Equipped with a 300 watt zero resistance rear hub motor and a recently upgraded 24 Volt lightweight lithium battery, this affordable e-bike can produce great speed and a solid mileage range per charge.

The battery takes only 4 hours to charge which allows riders to get back out on the road faster than ever. This model has been outfitted with a quick release front wheel that allows for compact storage, as well as gives riders the ability to make modifications and adjustments with ease.

The Trail Maker is designed with a suspension seat post as well as a fully hydraulic front spork suspension setup to make it ride extra comfortably. Finally, the included rear rack provides additional storage space and carrying capacity for the nomadic traveler.

When we take a look at the drawbacks of the Trail Maker we notice a few things that should be considered by potential customers. The relatively small battery and lower end motor dont provide best in class power and acceleration, which may be an issue for certain prospective buyers.

One other thing that this electric bike lacks is the graduated level pedal assist technology that other models do have. Instead, the Trail Tracker simply has a power assist system (PAS) that can be toggled on and off with a button. As a result, riders will have significantly less control and autonomy over the relative strength of their pedal assist mechanism.

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Alternative #3
X-Treme Trail Maker Review
X-Treme Trail Maker

Which Electric Bikes Have The Best Range?


ebike qwic

Electric bikes come in a wide variety with different features and capabilities for different rider profiles. One of the most important features for e-bikes of any kind is their mileage range per single charge.

The mileage range for each specific bike model will often be large, due to the ability to operate solely on battery power, or solely on pedalling power. There are a number that have remarkably high mileage ranges, but which ones are considered to have the best?

Let’s highlight a few of the electric bikes that have the best range.


This model is available with a 735 Watt battery offering up to 130 miles in eco mode and 40 + miles in full-powered sport mode.

2. QWIC RD11

This model, also from the high end QWIC Dutch manufacturer, boasts an impressive 110 mile range

3. Raleigh Centros 2019

This model, developed fairly recently, has been recorded to have a mileage range of up to 140 miles per charge on a 500 Wh battery.

4. Delfast

With an astounding range of 228 miles, the record breaking Ukrainian Delfast e-bike is powered by a 3000 Wh battery and has a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

What Is The Best Electric Bike For Seniors?

The electric bike industry, with its incredible variety of models, can cater to quite literally every age category and skill level. E-bikes provide an awesome alternative to the more labour intensive traditional mechanical bike, and as a result are becoming popular among all ages.

One of the less mentioned age groups that can truly benefit from the right electric bike is our elderly community. These are people whose bodies are not as mobile as they once were, and therefore can’t necessarily handle high exertion activities like biking. Electric bikes are a perfect way for seniors to get around safely and comfortably, while minimizing the risk of overexertion injuries.

So what is the best electric bike for seniors? The answer to that question isn’t necessarily one specific model, but instead is a set of features and specifications that would suit their age group best.

  • Swooping frame with a lower step through for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Go with a lower wattage motor that doesn’t necessarily top the charts in power and acceleration. 250 – 300 watts is a good target range
  • Check what your local regulations/limits are for unregistered e-bikes
  • Rear-drive motor is recommended (mid-drive torque is unnecessary)
  • Both pedal assist and full-throttle capabilities for tired legs

Take these recommended features into account and focus your search for the best electric bike for seniors.

Are Walmart E-Bikes Good?

ebike cruiser

The question as to whether or not Walmart e-bikes are good or not is one that seems to be asked a fair amount among online forums. The big box store offers a variety of electric bikes that accommodate virtually any price range.

There are high quality models that provide some if not all of the features that industry standard e-bikes do. Walmart offers affordable, entry level options while also carrying some of the higher quality models meant for more experienced riders.

One thing that was noted however is the fact that Walmart did not seem to carry some of the higher-end models with best in class features, add-ons and specifications. This may be something that is found at a boutique electric bike shop or other specialized e-bike retailer. These top of the line models may provide the best possible electric biking experience for buyers who are not worried about spending top dollar. Walmart, being somewhat of a general store, in many cases won’t offer the best of the best e-bikes.

Another thing to be aware of when purchasing an e-bike from Walmart is the fact that there may be some issues regarding returns policies, customer service access and bike maintenance/expertise.

Because of the fact that electric bikes have a lithium battery and a variety of other electronic parts, returning certain models back to Walmart may not result in a full cash back refund. Big box stores often have policies that require the funds for electronic returns to be issued as in store credit, instead of money refunded directly back to the customer. This will often not be the case when dealing with a specialty shop.

In terms of access to customer service, previous customers have reported that there has been difficulty getting in touch with Walmart’s service center, let alone speaking to someone who knows enough about the products to be of any real help. The fact that Walmart quite literally offers almost everything, points to the probability that they won’t have an electric bike customer service specialist on-site and ready to answer questions. This may force customers to search online or seek guidance from a specialist shop for help with their bike.

A third and final potential issue with purchasing your electric bike from Walmart is the inability to bring your bike in for regular servicing from an expert. Buying from Walmart most likely means that your bike is being drop-shipped to you from a manufacturer or retailer.

As a result, if you need a new part or some sort of maintenance done, you will likely need to contact the original place from which your bike was ordered. It may be a better option to buy directly from these retailers, if the price is right.

Will E-Bikes Come Down In Price?

ebike price range

The question as to whether or not e-bikes will come down in price or not is one that is asked frequently among the electric biking community.

The short answer is that no, e-bikes will not come down in price. There are a few factors we will discuss that contribute to this being the case.

Most importantly, the fact that the relative cost of the essential materials that are used to build these electric bikes are continually rising, while the technology has not advanced into new areas. From the battery to the motor, one of the current focuses of the e-bike industry is the improvement of performance, which translates into the need for high quality materials and therefore a higher finished product price for consumers.

The lithium ion batteries which were recently upgraded from their lead-acid counterparts are significantly more expensive due to the metals used to make them (cobalt, lithium, nickel). The motors are also continuously ascending in price with every wattage upgrade and performance boost that becomes an industry standard.

With this being said, there is always the assumption that once the e-bike technology reaches its maturity, market prices will decrease accordingly. On top of this, for buyers looking to spend less on an electric bike, there are always second hand options that if chosen properly can prove to be just as effective as a brand new bike.

In order to conclude this buying guide/product review, we must come to a decision as to which of our five candidates is the best electric bike under $2000. A variety of aspects have been considered including product weight & carrying capacity, engine & battery power, convenience, comfortability and a number of others.

All of the e-bike models we have taken a look at offer awesome options for buyers in the market. However, in conclusion we have decided that the best electric bike under $2000 is the Phatmoto All-Terrain Fat Tire 2021 electric bike. Coming in at an affordable $1,399.00, this model is not only fairly inexpensive, but offers some of the best possible features.

Equipped with 4 inch wide fat tires and a suspension front fork set up, the Phatmoto can tackle all sorts of terrain and provides extra shock absorption to ensure a safe and smooth ride. The 79 cc 4-stroke motor pumps out awesome power and allows for up to 100 miles on a full tank. On top of that, a number of other high quality features and add-ons make this model a stand out best for under $2000.

Finally, we were also able to discuss a few of the frequently asked questions that have been coming up alot in the electric bike industry. Hopefully our insight and recommendations can help buyers in the market for an electric bike make a properly informed decision.

Phatmoto All-Terrain Fat Tire Review

Phatmoto All-Terrain Fat Tire

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