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Short summary

Light, rugged and powerful. The E-Caliber 9.6 is indeed an efficient bike.

From the range of E-Caliber electric bikes, the 9.6 stands out as a natural favorite for many reasons.

One, it suits your riding preferences perfectly and goes the extra mile, up the steep slopes or across bumpy terrains.

The 9.6 looks, and feels, like a traditional cross-country bike. That’s because it allows you to do more, as you would love, without taking total control. It is a machine with a human face!

Of course, it assists your pedalling, especially when the going gets tough, but it doesn’t suck out the fun riding has got to offer.

The E-Caliber 9.6 offers the innovative freshness of electric biking while still helping you achieve the traditional feel of riding.

How does it do this?

The 29″ carbon frame full-suspension cross-country e-bike is fitted with a Fazua Evation drive system, which offers a pedal-assist for up to 20 MPH. When it’s off, it doesn’t interfere or drags the system.

The drive system is removable. If you want to switch to your less heavy traditional mountain bike, just take it out, and your manual bike is ready!

The Fazua motor and battery system adds that unique feature. When both are removable from the bike, it gives the option to ride your E-Caliber as a non-powered mountain bike.

Featured specifications


  • The E-Caliber 9.6 is a lightweight e-bike that offers a natural experience in e-biking. It was made as a two-in-one bike. The compact drive system boosts your riding perfectly. It does assist you but does so in a more traditional way, offering the full thrills of biking.
  • Also, the drive system is easily removable. This allows you to ride a less heavy mountain bike more traditionally.
  • It is lightweight yet delivers efficiently balancing its weight with the Fazua Evation power, especially while climbing, with just enough rear suspension for traction and ease of riding.


  • While all E Calibres are lightweight, some see it as too lightweight for an e-MTB. Weighing between 34 – 40lbs, many riders may prefer something heavier.
  • The Fazua power offers just 55nm of torque. This is entirely down to its weight, so riders can easily live with this lower power.
  • Like other E-Calibers, the front and rear end offer different performance characteristics.

Buying Advice

The E-Caliber 9.6 offers efficiency well beyond its weight. Buying a bike that gives you the chance of going all traditional is an added advantage. Its entire system is well integrated, and it can be easily maintained, either as a regular or as an e-bike. We highly recommend it. However, there’s another trek electric mountain bike you may want to consider:
Best Electric Mountain Bike
Trek E-Caliber 9.6 Review
E-Caliber 9.6

Short summary

If you have concerns about the E-Caliber 9.6, check out the Powerfly FS 9 Equipped, an integral part of Trek’s e-bike prowess.

However, if you’re not quite interested in rugged terrains and tough commutes, you may want to look away.

With its powerful drive system and rad suspension setup for tackling very rough terrains, the Powerfly FS 9 Equipped is designed to take you further. It is a full suspension electric mountain bike.

The Powerfly FS 9 Equipped comes in an enduring aluminum frame and is powered by the reliable Bosch Performance CX 250Wh, delivering a torque of between 75 Nm-85Nm. With this, you get a speed assistance of up to 20 MPH.

Also enclosed in the aluminum frame is Trek’s Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system, which comes with a 625Wh battery that can stay on for very long. The battery can also be easily removed without any tools at all.

Your Powerfly FS 9 Equipped is also fitted with a SmartphoneHub controller, which can work with your smartphone to display all necessary information at the touch of a button, and an intelligent eMTB mode that can automatically adjust the amount of assist needed depending on the terrain.

This bike is made for riding the hills and conquering the rough roads, all at your convenience.

Featured specifications


  • Like all Trek eMTBs, it features a custom eMTB Lite mode that gives your bike a more traditional biking output that conserves battery life. It also has an e-MTB smart mode that automatically allows the bike to adjust the amount of assistance provided.
  • The bike comes with great accessories like a kickstand, front and rear lights, fenders and a rear rack. It also features a display that can work with your phone. You’ll, however, need to download the COBI Bike app to enjoy this feature.
  • It’s effortless to maintain.


  • Unlike the E Calibre 9.6, its motor is not removable and can’t function as a traditional mountain bike.

Buying Advice

The Powerfly FS 9 Equipped is an electric mountain bike with a difference as it fully incorporates technology with its power. We recommend this bike. Away from mountain bikes, let’s review Trek’s best electric City bike.
Runner Up Electric Mountain Bike
Trek Powerfly FS 9 Equipped Review
Trek Powerfly FS 9 Equipped

Short summary

Named the Dutch e-bike of the year for 2020, the Trek Allant+7 is a reliable commute bike that comes with excellent suspension support.

With its high-performance hydro formed aluminum alloy frame, the Allant+7, though designed for city commuting, can also deliver high performance on hilly and rough terrains.

Powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX 250W drive system and a fully encased 500Wh battery, this strong commute bike is fitted with a suspension fork that absorbs the shocks of city bumps.

It features a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and an integrated front and rear lighting system. There is also an additional battery so you can ride longer conveniently.

Commuting by e-bike is ideal for those who want to get to their destination faster and do not want to be held down by city traffic. The advantage over a regular bike is that it adjusts to whatever terrain you may come across. Its power assists your pedaling for up to 20 MPH, delivering reliable speed and comfort.

If you’re a heavy rider who uses the bike as a favorite means of getting around, the reliable parts of the Allant+7 mean your bike can serve you for a long time without wearing.

While riding, you’ll have no problems checking your speed, distance, and battery usage with the inbuilt Bosch Purion controller.

Featured specifications


  • This award-winning bike is designed to make commuting very easy. It comes with a Bosch range calculator, which allows you to see how far you can ride on a single charge. This way, you can better manage your power.
  • Because it is a City bike that wants your commute to be easier, the Alliant+7 comes with a double battery, so you are never short of power.
  • Despite being a City bike, it won’t disappoint if it encounters a pretty demanding terrain.
  • It’s very easy to maintain.


  • The Alliant+7 is a bit noisy when the motor is in use. For a city bike, it is an undesirable feature.

Buying Advice

There’s very little to add to an award-winning bike’s qualifications. It’s a great city bike and will expertly deliver for a long time. Away from city bikes, let’s hit the trail for a Trek electric road bike.
Best Electric City Bike
Trek Allant+ 7 Review
Trek Allant+ 7

Short summary

When you want to hit the road for real, the Domane+ HP is the most reliable Trek bike.

It’s fast, robust and dependable. This bike can go all the way for you without any problems at all.

Weighing only 37.66 lbs, the Domane+ has a lightweight carbon frame that’s designed to go as far as possible and is fortified with a fork with a rear IsoSpeed that fully encases its 500Wh battery.

It has a powerful Bosch Performance Speed motor and a Bosch Kiox controller, complete with a 1×11 Shimano GRX drivetrain, integrated front and rear lighting, hydraulic disc brakes, and a kickstand.

When you hit the road with a Domane+ HP, you’re not only assured of long-lasting power and stability, and you’re also getting durability.

Domane+ can assist and sustain riding at speeds reaching a whopping 28 MPH. Its battery, when charged, will support you on the road for at least 80 miles.

It comes with a seatmast cap with an integrated rear Daytime Running Light, powered by the Bosch battery.

The Domane+ is designed for those willing to go further.

Featured specifications


  • An excellent road e-bike, it is designed to go all the way. Like most Trek bikes, it has a removable integrated battery system that is easily removed without any problems.
  • Because it is built for the roads, the bike is fitted with front and rear IsoSpeed, which cushions the effect of bumps and rough terrains on the road.
  • Bosch’s range calculator also helps you calculate how far you can go on a single charge. This depends on the terrain.


  • It may be a bit costly, but It is a very excellent road bike you would enjoy.

Buying Advice

Trek’s Domane+ is the best road bike you can afford. It may be more costly than other e-road bikes, but it is worth every dime. It is highly recommended. To our final review:
Best Electric Road Bike
Trek Domane+ HP Review
Domane+ HP

Short summary

Easy to use, fun to ride. Trek’s Townie is the ideal e-bike for the soft side of electric biking.

Don’t be decided by its delicate nature; it has an unbelievable amount of fortitude.

Its Bosch Active Line Plus 250-watt motor gives the power to charge up hills and travel the distance while reaching assisted speeds of up to 20 MPH.

While it is built for fun lovers, if your definition of fun is daring hills and rough terrains, the Townie will not let you down. It comes with 26″ puncture-resistant Schwalbe balloon tires, which make riding comfortable and smooth.

Weighing 55 lbs, the Townie is powered by the Bosch Active Plus System with a 250W mid-frame motor and four-mode levels of support.

For bikes in its range, it provides the best mileage, comfort and control.

Featured specifications


  • With the Townie, the Shimano Nexus Inter-5E hub is integrated, which is designed for e-bike motors, making it easier to control your output and battery life.
  • It has a PowerPack 400 battery and a 4 AMP charger that charges quickly to keep you going.
  • It is very comfortable to ride.
  • It has a MIK rear rack, which helps you carry everything you need with ease.
  • It is pretty affordable because the specifications are simple.


  • The simple LCD doesn’t show speed or range details.
  • Its battery capacity is not as strong as you’ll have wanted for new e-bikes.
  • It is not a very powerful bike, so very heavy riders need to be wary of riding.

Buying Advice

It is a recreational bike and not necessarily suited for rigorous adventures. We, however, recommend it for recreational purposes.
Best Recreation Bike
Townie Go! 5i Review
Townie Go! 5i

Is Trek an excellent electric bike?


Trek electric mountain bike

First, Trek is a well known and respected brand, not just in the United States but all over the world. So, yes!

Trek bikes are great. Trek has over 40 brands that leave you spoilt for choice.
The good news is Trek bikes have different varieties of bikes for different types of riders.

Trek has perfected many of the best technological solutions used in the biking industry, from the smooth to the most challenging terrains for various riding levels that suit the beginner and the advanced riders.

Which e-bike is better, Trek or Specialized?

This question keeps popping up at different times. There can only be one reason why it is so.

There’s no straightforward answer. The reason is that both brands are known for high-quality products and components. And if you check out the pricing, both brands are pretty similar as well. There must surely be something that separates them.

First, Trek has more varieties and products than Specialized, and Trek has won more laurels. That makes Trek the standout winner, right? Not so fast. Specialized is known for its excellent range of mountain bikes. The only challenge is that Specialized bikes are slightly the more expensive brand.

However, if you consider the range of products and the price, Trek bikes slightly edge out Specialized. But you can hardly separate them in quality.

Can electric bikes climb steep hills?

Electric bikes are pedal bikes that are aided by an electric motor. Since pedal bikes can climb uphill, even with difficulty, electric bikes can climb steep hills using the power of torque.

Although a lot of this ability depends on the motor and the power it generates, electric bikes can conquer mountainous terrains easily. Some of our reviews show the strength of bikes and how easily they can climb hills. So, yes, electric bikes can climb steep hills.

Is 500w enough for an e-bike?

Yes, it is. If the speed required should be anything beyond 20 MPH, 500w represents the minimum power to exceed that. If the speed needed isn’t up to that, then it should be more than adequate.

Some e-bikes come with as little as 250w, but they can’t do much work. The lowest power class for electric bicycles is usually 250 W, so 500w is enough for an e-bike.

For everyone that needs a worthwhile bike to take care of all their riding adventure, Trek bike is a good choice.

Trek electric bike is an excellent brand with a variety of products for various needs. We have reviewed five different types of cutting across four specifications. We hope you are better enlightened on how best to choose from the great lineup of the Trek electric brand.

Trek E-Caliber 9.6 Review

Trek E-Caliber 9.6

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