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Short summary

Weighing 275 lbs, the Hyper E-Ride is a Class 1 bike fitted with great features to make your ride as interesting and hitch-free as possible.

It is excellent for climbing the steepest hills conveniently, and as a mountain bike, it is fitted with a front suspension fork for added balance and support.

Fitted with a 36V / 7.8 AH battery, which is fully charged in four hours, after which it can serve you for up to 20 miles, the Hyper E-Ride is powered by a Rear Hub Brushless 36volt 250W motor.

The bike has a Shimano grip shifter and rear derailleur gear system. The bicycle wheel has a diameter of 29″ and includes front and rear disk brakes.

Its battery and motor are completely integrated into the bike for efficiency.

Featured specifications


  • The battery and motor are fully integrated and concealed to provide easier and more convenient riding modes. It is lightweight, making it easier to ride and maintain.
  • The bike is also excellent for ascending steep hills and other rugged terrains. The Hyper E-Ride is also beautifully designed and is ideal for males and females. The Hyper E-Ride is also quite affordable for its delivery.
  • Also available at Walmart are various accessories like bone conduction headphones and mobile holders, which you can easily buy to make your ride more enjoyable.


  • The Hyper E-Ride has no LCD nor a power hub monitor.

Buying Advice

The Hyper E-Ride is a favourite for many due to its reliability and strength. It is easy to use and lightweight. It is highly recommended. Away from mountain bikes, let’s look at the best commuting bike from Walmart.
Best Electric Mountain Bike
Hyper E-Ride Electric Mountain Bike Review
Hyper E-Ride Electric Mountain Bike

Short summary

Built in a lightweight 700C Aluminum frame, the Hyper E-Ride commuter bike is aptly named as it is perfect for daily commutes and leisurely rides on smoother terrains.

Designed for both sexes, the Hyper E-Ride Electric commuter bike is powered by a rear hub brushless 36V / 250W electric motor and an integrated flush-mount 36V / 7.8 AH battery. These guarantees assist for up to 20 miles when it is fully charged. The charging time is about four hours.

Being a City bike, the Hyper E-Ride 700C provides a front suspension fork to soak in all the city bumps, guaranteeing a smooth ride as well as front and rear V-Brakes, to bring your ride to a halt when necessary, especially due to the hustles and bustles of the city.

For speed, this bike fares quite well, going as far as 20 MPH at top speed.

If you have quick errands to run in the city or just want the perfect evening getaway, the Hyper E-Ride Electric commuter bike is your best bet.

Featured specifications


  • Hyper E-Ride 700C is designed as a unisex e-Bike which means it is suitable for both male and female riders. If your ride is within the city, you’ve got an excellent bike with enough effort put into making your ride as smooth and comfortable as possible.
  • Its suspension makes it very convenient against city bumps. Your posture was also considered while making this bike as it supports an upright position, which is best for your lower back. It also has adjustable handlebars for ease of control and comfort.
  • The battery is completely concealed in the frame and also easily removable. It is also relatively easy to ride and even easier to maintain.


  • Its combined power output, at 250W, is low and not enough for advanced riders, but maybe just adequate for beginners.

Buying Advice

The Hyper E-Ride 700C is designed as a perfect city bike, ideal for those who just want to take it easy commuting leisurely. It may not have the power of the mountain bike, but don’t underrate its ability to give you that needed push if you come across an unexpected hill. Up next, we review the best electric cruiser bike. The 26″ Aluminum Electric Beach Cruiser Electric Bike
Best Commuter Bike
Hyper E-Ride Electric Commuter Bike 700c Review
Hyper E-Ride Electric Commuter Bike 700c

Short summary

The most prominent feature of the beach cruiser is its 26″ wheels and 1.95″ high-volume e-cruiser tires, which delivers the stability and smoothness the bike stands for.

Comfort, which is another hallmark of the beach cruiser, is enhanced with the wide swept-back handlebar, which provides the support to allow you to ride in a stress-less upright, relaxed posture.

This bike, made for cruising, allows for adaptation into different modes. If you’re out on a long cruise, you’d be better served on the e-bike mode, where long-term pedal assist is available; or you can switch to the traditional bike, where you can ride in your normal unassisted mode giving room for more exercise. There’s also a third option in between the two: the assisted bike mode.

The Beach cruiser comes in 6-speed gears, which can be switched easily to accommodate more hill-climbing power, increase the range, and adapt to rougher terrains.

What gives the beach cruiser such capabilities? It is the 12.5 AH lithium-ion battery and the 250W motor, which provides the energy to propel you for as long as 35 miles with a speed of up to 19 MPH.

Featured specifications


  • Beach cruisers come with several components like sensitive dual brakes, high-strength chain and durable headlight, cushy seats, comfy grips, front and Rear fenders to make riding more comfortable.
  • It also prioritizes comfort in many ways, like the pedals made easier for mounting and dismounting. Made of high-quality materials, it also has three different working modes giving the rider a choice to either go with fully assisted e-bike mode or the standard bike.


  • The bicycle arrives assembled only up to 85%, although it is not very difficult to assemble. The motor power is also considered low and is presumed to be only ideal for beginners.

Buying Advice

Beach cruisers are specially designed to take you on your jolly cruise rides. It is to be considered a perfect choice if you value comfort. Over to something more flashy – We found the 7-speed Ecotric 26″ 36V 500W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle a worthy winner in this category.
Best Electric Cruiser Bike
V.I.P. Electric Hybrid Cruiser Bike Review
V.I.P. Electric Hybrid Cruiser Bike

Short summary

If you want a mountain bike, but more comfortable and fashionable, the Ecotric fat tire bicycle is your choice.

However, don’t assume its comfy nature affects its power

Made from Aluminium Alloy Frame for durability, the 26″ & 4″ fat tires are designed to allow you to roll over any surface without being dragged back. You can conveniently ride over gravel, sand or even rocks. Your tires have got you covered.

It’s called a fat tire bike, but it is not just the tires that give it the push. The Ecotric weighs 58lbs and has a Powerful 36V, 12Ah Lithium battery, a 500W Rear Hub Motor and a seven-speed Shimano gearing, gives you a solid bike and even more solid control. With this power, it keeps the bike going on and on for as long as 22 miles on a single charge, taking you to a top speed of 21 MPH.

The Ecotric fat tire bicycle is fitted with front and rear disc brakes and an outage braking system to allow you to bring your bike to a halt at any time, even if it is loaded with the maximum weight of 250 lbs.

The idea behind this e-bike is to give you enough speed options, hence the 7-speed gear, which will accommodate any challenges throughout a long ride.

Featured specifications


  • The Ecotric fat tire electric bike comes with great assist and supplies immense pedal power with a noiseless and robust bike. It has an aluminium alloy frame that is incredibly strong and resistant to damage. It is also incredibly easy to manage.
  • Although it comes with only one battery, a spare battery can easily be used if you intend to travel for as long as 30 miles. For bikes in this range that deliver similar output, this bike is incredibly affordable and is of excellent quality.
  • Its tires are probably its greatest asset, allowing you to ride over surfaces that would normally scare you and make you nervous. For a smooth riding experience with a power backup that is reliable, the Ecotric fat tire electric bike is a great choice.


  • It comes 90% fully assembled, so you may still need help in putting other parts together. Because it is a mountain bike that may need to be carried at some point, its 55 lbs weight is heavy, considering it is not foldable.
The bike also has no fenders, making the fat tires constitute a nuisance on muddy surfaces. For short riders, this bike is also not a very good choice.

Buying Advice

This is overall a great bike with excellent delivery and output. Powerful, it is also noiseless and efficient. No buyer regrets this if your needs are its specifications. Let’s check out our last review. The NAKTO City Electric Bicycle, our best-reviewed city bike.
Best Fat Tire Bike
Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Review
Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

Short summary

Designed for convenient city riding, the NAKTO City Electric Bicycle is made from carbon steel and has many safety features ideal for a fair city ride. 

Made to allow for leisurely rides, the NAKTO City bike allows for adjustable saddle heights that suit different riding needs and peculiarities.

It has a front suspension fork that would allow it to offer more comfort as you ride around the neighbourhood.

Powered by a 250W brushless motor, this city bike runs on a 36V10AH Lithium Battery, which has a charge time of about four to six hours. When fully charged, it can cruise around the city for up to 25 miles, reaching a maximum speed of 25 MPH.

The NAKTO includes a front basket, which permits you to have light cargo onboard, a rear rack, lights and fenders. You are ideally suited for your next city shopping.

The NAKTO is a perfect city bike that seems to tick every box, including comfort and simplicity. The bike is easy to ride and has no complications at all. Even for a beginner, you’ll find this bike relatively easy to use.

Contrary to what some people have claimed about the bike being a ladies bike, there’s no reason to believe so. The bike is not limited to any particular gender and serves both males and females adequately.

Featured specifications


  • The NAKTO City Electric Bicycle is not just designed for the city; it is also designed for your pocket. With a simple, easy-to-use structure, the bike is strong and quite affordable.
  • It also is quite comfortable to ride and aids in proper sitting posture. With space for light cargo, the NAKTO City bike makes commuting easy and convenient. It also has a decent range for city use and soaks up bumps quite well.


  • You’ll be disappointed if you attempt off-road trips with this bike. The speed drops drastically once it is on rough terrains, and the power runs out faster.
  • It also is limited to only one level of pedal assist. Although the design is reflective of its price, it looks pretty simple and maybe a bit unattractive. However, it works quite well despite the flaws

Buying Advice

If you aim to have a bike that perfectly works in the city and on smoother terrains, you’ve got in NAKTO City Electric Bicycle, a gem. It’s also quite affordable, cheaper than many in its range.
Best City Bike
NAKTO City Electric Bicycle Review
NAKTO City Electric Bicycle

Are Walmart E-bikes any good?

how good are walmart bikes?

Are Walmart e-bikes bad? No. Are Walmart e-bikes any good? Yes. However, you must be sure about what your specifications are to know if a bike is good for you or not.

Most Walmart e-bikes are of low budget and not fully assembled, reflecting in their quality. This is because Walmart buys in bulk and may reflect in cheap components and accessories.

Some have suggested that the only Walmart bikes that are are good are children’s bikes. But there are several bikes of excellent quality you can find at Walmart as well.

Will e-bikes come down in price?

Costing several hundreds of dollars, many people find e-bikes too expensive. There are fears the price may never come down. However, such fears are not justified. Prices of e-bikes would undoubtedly come down.

It may never reach rock bottom, as many are anticipating, that’s because innovations keep improving the bikes, but it certainly would come down. However, many budget bikes are available at Walmart, which would deliver the same experience, but probably with less comfort.

How much should I spend on an e-Bike?

We have reviewed some e-bikes that cost lower than $1,000. These are low budget bikes. Some e-bikes could cost as high as $8,000. What determines the price is down to several factors—the motor, battery, material, and technology.

If you spend below $1000 for your bike, it should be because you want a bike that cannot perform multiple functions. If you need a multi-purpose electric bike, you should be ready to shed a few thousand dollars.

What should I look for when buying an electric bike?

An electric bike is a standard bike that assists you in pedaling. Before buying an electric bike, you should consider how much it would assist in pedaling, its battery power and how long it would last on a single charge, that is, the range.

Consider as well if it has room for another battery if you love going on long-distance rides. You should consider if it can climb uphill easily and the technical specifications. Finally, look out for the price, as you could probably get cheaper alternatives with the exact specifications.

Walmart is an excellent store for bikes, with the advantage of stocking affordable brands.

We’ve reviewed five different classes of great bikes. If you wish to make a purchase soon, read through for more proper buying advice, and be sure to enjoy a pleasant ride.

Hyper E-Ride Electric Mountain Bike Review

Hyper E-Ride Electric Mountain Bike

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