Most popular E-bike Accessories

15 Electric Bike Accessories


Noel Joseph
August 4, 2021

Are you a new e-bike owner who wishes to make their bike riding experience phenomenal with a few interesting tools and devices?

To help e-bike enthusiasts and newbies, we have created this comprehensive list that features practical electronic bike accessories to make your riding experience worthwhile. 

With the market flooded with countless gadgets and gizmos, even the most seasoned bikers often tend to get confused and end up buying nothing. But worry not, we have researched and mentioned reliable products which will save you the hassle of searching and finding the products.

This list of 15 must-haves can be an excellent starting list for new owners and even seasoned e-bikers alike. So, let’s dive down to find all the accessories that should make their way on your buying list.

#1 Helmets

helmet for safety

Helmets deserve to be at the number one spot because of their indispensable role in the biking world. If you do not own a good quality helmet, we highly suggest looking for good ones for your safety.

Most riders feel uncomfortable carrying their helmet everywhere they go, primarily to their offices. To tackle this, you can always opt for folding helmets that provide maximum protection while being indiscreet and space saver.

Fend is indeed an excellent example of this folding concept. We strongly advise replacing your helmets soon after their expiration dates. Yes, you heard that right; even helmets have an expiration date as the materials inside tend to deteriorate over time. If your helmet is near its expiration date, why not try something new like a foldable helmet!

#2 Bike locks

bike lock

E-bikes are expensive; if stolen, you would indeed feel a burning hole in your heart and your pockets. Therefore, bikers need something better than a plain old cable lock to deter opportunist thieves.

Since bike thefts are at an all-time high, we suggest you invest in a solid and sturdy lock to make your bike considerably theft-proof. Bike locks like Kryptonite give you unmatched security and various options for different protection levels. With these sturdy locks, you can confidently park your bike and wash down your fear of getting robbed.

#3 Electric bike trailers

These trailers are exceptionally helpful for riders who like to take their pets on a joy ride. Various bike trailers can also double up as functional cargo trailers, so you can haul your cargo without lugging it on your back.

Most electronic bikes are highly compatible with all types of bike trailers, making it an even easier task to buy. These trailers come in various sizes, shapes, and functionality, so choose the one that suits your needs best.

One great thing about these trailers is their ability to attach and detach quickly; with a few screws, you can fasten it and run your errands. These trailers can be an excellent addition to your accessory kit, especially if you enjoy doing various activities on the weekend.

#4 Bike fenders

clip on fender

Bike fenders are essential if you reside in areas prone to rain and muddy roads. The last thing you want on your clean outfit is mud, dirt, dust, and grime. These fenders, or popularly known as mudguards, can work in your favor more than you can imagine.

Most riders skip out on fenders because of their ugly design or patterns. Still, most new-age fenders offer unbelievably customizable options for their size, shape, pattern, design, and much more.

Even if you do not experience rain or muddy roads, consider adding these mudguards to protect your bike from the unwanted residue of dirt and dust in every bearing, nook, and cranny of your electric bike.

#5 Bike pumps

A bike pump is yet another accessory that should be considered essential. Since tires tend to lose air pressure over time, you should be well equipped to add air at all times. For this, we highly recommend purchasing a travel-friendly bike pump that can easily fit on your electronic bike or in your bag.

After checking the air pressure, most bike riders prefer pumping in the morning before leaving the house. We, however, recommend carrying one at all times. You might never know which terrain your bike will run. So, pumping the air accordingly will ensure a smooth riding experience even on the most challenging terrains.

These bike pumps can also come in handy if you experience inevitable temperature drop during your trails. Note that cold weather will highly decrease your pressure will hot weather will inflate your tires.

#6 Left side mirrors

cycling mirror

If you enjoy riding your electronic bike on busy streets, investing in a left-side mirror will keep you safe. Our hearing is highly clouded by the wind noise when we ride, making it difficult and sometimes impossible to track other vehicle’s horns.

Thus, attaching a good-quality side mirror will keep you safe while driving your electric bike on city roads. If you do not like the bulk or look of the side mirror on your handle, you can opt for other mirror options like a helmet-mounted mirror or watch mirror. Whichever model you choose, make sure that you clean them before every ride for an uninterrupted view.

#7 Lights

Lights are again a helpful accessory, especially if you enjoy night trails in the wild. You can very quickly bump out the lights on your rear and front-end with a few simple mounts.

We would suggest buying lights even if you ride on the streets as many roads remain poorly lit or cars that do not follow the traffic rules. Ensure to check the lumen ratings before purchasing your next light, as it will determine the strength, in this case, the brightness of your lights. The higher the lumen unit, the brighter your light.

However, you might have to sacrifice the usage time if you opt for a higher lumen light. We recommend purchasing USB charging lights for their sheer convenience and reliability. Battery-powered lights work well when you have a ride pre-planned.

#8 Baskets

bike basket

If you feel adding a trailer is a bit more space-occupying, you can consider purchasing baskets to store your small personal items in one place conveniently. Another issue with trailers is the lack of ability to keep an eye on the back.

Since trailers need to be fixed at the rear end, you are always at the risk of losing your cargo. With these baskets, you get the option of attaching your basket either in the front or back. You can mount these baskets anywhere and dismount them after your casual weekend ride ends.

Riders can buy baskets with various materials like metal, leather, cloth, polyester, and much more. These material options ensure your bike looks aesthetically pleasing according to your preference.

#9 Suspension Seatpost

Not many electric bikes come with a suspension seat post, and we feel it’s a handy accessory for adults who have severe back issues. These suspension seat posts make your ride smoother and tend to reduce shocks when hit by a pothole.

Even young riders can have terrible back pain if they hit a pothole or obstruction at full speed. So, apart from the accidental injuries, seat posts will make your everyday rides even smoother.

Thudbuster is an excellent suspension seat post that uses elastomers. You can arrange the firmness and softness of these elastomers according to your needs and requirements. 

#10 Grips

Grips are little covers that can make your handlebar more gripper and comfortable. Most e-bikes come with subpar quality handles that offer very minimal comfort and tend to vibrate or numb your hands.

Therefore, using high-quality grips will put less pressure on your hand while giving you the needed grip. Additionally, grips are an easy way to accessorize your ride without changing your whole bike. Riders have innumerable options like from leather grips to silicone grips of varying colors. If you want a quick upgrade, grips are the way to go.

#11 Backup battery 

changing battery

This accessory can be a little tricky to boil down to as many companies offer various battery packs or integration qualities to their electronic models.

However, if your bike has the feature for an add-on battery, we highly consider having a backup battery. These spare ones shall come in handy when you underestimate your range calculations or wish to ride a bit further with the power of electricity.

#12 GPS Tracking 

gps tracker on ebike

Since your electric bike is costly, it is only fair that you try your best to protect it from getting stolen. This situation is an ideal example where a good quality, reliable GPS tracking device can come into the picture.

Many electric bikes are now equipped with inbuilt GPS trackers for extra safety, but if your model doesn’t fashion this feature, we highly recommend buying individual trackers on the market. This Tile sticker tracking device is one such dedicated unit to ensure the highest safety of your bike.

#13 Saddles

With technology and better R & D teams, the market keeps coming with excellent saddles that provide unmatched support and comfort to riders. Many bike riders feel the need to sit on seats that are ergonomically built.

Now, bikers have wonderful options that tackle every type of sitting requirement. You can buy saddles designed just for comfort or for speed. Many variations have a canopy at the middle along with elongated seat tips for better positioning and ventilation.

Riders can even opt to buy saddles made for men or women for extreme comfort and exact fitting. We urge you to look for a few options as a single saddle can indeed make your riding experience more pleasurable and swift. 

#14 Bike multitool

The most important feature of any electric bike is its adjustability and highly customizability. Therefore, we recommend buying a multitool for adjusting all the customizations at any point in your riding schedule.

In addition, riders now have the option to choose a portable design for ease. Since these tools are incredibly compact and lightweight, you can store them in your pockets or secure them on your bike. Some of the sleekest versions can even fit as a keychain charm. So, you should find a decent tool that goes with your style or storage space.

#15 Phone mounting system

phone mount

If you wish to integrate your cellular device into your active life, there is nothing better than a high-quality mounting system.

These mounts will a) keep your phones secure from falling from the pockets and b) allow you to access your cycling apps and programs on your phone. Getting directions can become extremely easy without the chances of accidents.

Quad-lock is one of the most exciting phone mounting systems in the industry. They even give you various fitting models according to your phone’s model. This detailing ensures a snug fit even on the bumpiest roads and terrains.

A few more accessories worth mentioning:

Waterproof Bike covers will come in handy when the weather is not in your favor. Covering your electric bike will keep it safe from all the environmental debris and rain. A good quality bike cover will ensure your ride stays new for many years. 

Grip gloves can be handy, especially during windy days and warm weather. Constant sweat makes these gloves unbelievably hard to grip the handle, but using well-ventilated grip gloves will keep the callouses and numbness at bay. 


We hope our list of 15 best electric bike accessories helped you find your next set of accessories.

Many of these accessories are predominantly guided towards your and your bike’s safety. So, we highly urge you to consider buying them first before whipping your ride with fancy accessories. 

Of course, you can always buy accessories that make your bike look beautiful without adding any practical use, for example, vinyl. But since most riders long for functionality and style, we ensured each product served a higher purpose than simply for cosmetic reasons. 

Are you ready to ride your most priced possession with style and functionality?


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