Guide to Electric Bike Maintenance

Electric Bike Maintenance – Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Bike!


Noel Joseph
August 5, 2021

Maintaining an electric bike is not difficult if we know how to do it.

However, there are many essential aspects that one should know to keep the bike in top-notch condition. So, if you are serious about Electric Bike Maintenance, this post is for you. 

This article will discuss the secret techniques that improve your bike’s condition and keep on the ride without flaws. To find out exactly what you need to keep your electric bike perfect in ride and shape, we spoke to some experts and have shared the best tips to maintain the bike. 

You need to realize that electric bikes do not require the same maintenance formula as standard bikes. An E-bike is integrated with an electric motor used to assist thrust. Compared to a traditional bike, E-bikes are superior, strong, and heavier. So, you have to know a few additional Electric Bike Maintenance tips. 

However, if you are incapable of doing it yourself, you can send it to the bike shop. It often happens you cannot find a specialized e-bike store for its maintenance. Hence, it is good to take responsibility and work on your own. Furthermore, it will keep your e-bike in excellent condition for a long time. 

Also, we need to mention that most people think they are not good at maintenance and are afraid that they will ruin something. At least, they think they are unfamiliar with this kind of job. Instead of thinking negatively, you should learn the skills. 

So, let’s dive into 7 secret techniques for Electric Bike Maintenance

Keeping the Engine Healthy

ebike engine

The Engine is the most crucial part of your bike. It plays a vital role in giving smooth operation and maintenance of your bike. Regular checks and servicing your bike frequently would keep your bike running and optimize power consumption. 

However, we all know the Engine is the heart of a bike; yet, some people do not pay attention to its faults. If you want to keep your Engine healthy, in good condition, and maintain its longevity, here’s how you can do this. These tips help you keep your favorite bike in good shape but can save you a lot of money. 

Pay attention to the cooling system

With a proper cooling system, the Engine can maintain its ideal temperature and take excess heat out.

Ensure your bike has an excellent coolant tank, which prevents the motor from overheating. And if any damage occurs in the Engine due to overheating, it will create heat in your pocket. 

Clean air filters

air filtration

Just like humans, e-bikes also need oxygen to run smoothly. Experts say a constant flow of air is vital to keep the Engine running.

When you clean the air filters, they easily prevent your bike from dust particles, dirt, heavy material, leaves, etc., from entering the Engine.

However, if they do not get cleaned, they accumulate many particles that stop them from doing their job. Letting dust accumulate on the engine can affect the longevity of the e-bike.

Don’t ignore warning signs

It might not be easy to guess if you are a newbie, but the signs are pretty understandable for an expert. If you see an orange light blinking on the instrument clusters, don’t ignore it.

It shows there is a problem with the Engine. The problem can be any such as high temperature, battery, or any other damage. Do check everything and solve these critical issues for a smooth ride. 

Getting the most from the battery

Most E-bike owners are eager to know ‘how they can get the most out of the battery?’

So, it’s simple; you should charge and ride wisely. One of the best pieces of news about e-bike is it’s pretty straightforward ‘how to improve the range of e-bike batteries.’ Below are the checkpoints.

  • Get your battery charged whenever you get time
  • Try to use eco mode instead of other
  • Look for wind resistance

Frequent charging

Frequent charging

Experts recommended that you need to charge the battery as frequently as possible. Further, frequent charging of batteries can expand its longevity so that you can ride all the time.

And don’t be afraid of charging your bike again and again. Batteries can be recharged many times in a day without any damage. However, after a year, one needs to choose a replacement for the battery. 

To get the most out of the battery, one should store it in a better ratio of 30%-60%. Also, keep in mind, in cold temperatures, lithium-ion batteries used in e-bikes drain quickly. So it would be best if you charge the battery as many times as possible whenever the temperature is cool.

Riding E-bike

As per the experts’ opinion, eco mode is perfect for extended battery life, while turbo mode drains the battery quickly.

Therefore, for higher efficiency, turn on the eco mode. On the other hand, if you need maximum thrust and performance, you should shift to the Turbo mode.

Wind Resistance

On cool or windy days, electric bikes encounter resistance while driving. This effect exceptionally demands double efforts to speed up the bike from 10kmph to 15kmph.

But, while overcoming this, it increases wind resistance. So, the battery range can help you ride further with fewer efforts.


ebike battery maintenance

Handling a battery is quite tricky because of its heaviness and expensive cost. It is a must to be careful while attaching and detaching the battery.

Do follow the Electric bike maintenance tips for battery and charging and care to get the maximum out of your e-bike.

Taking care of Tires

Besides Engine and battery, tires are the most important part of your Electric Bike Maintenance that supports your ride smoothly.

One thing we need to mention is that e-bikes tires are much heavier than conventional bikes. So, it is vital to ensure you have the best quality tires beneath your bike. 

Here’s how you can check and care for tires

  1. Check whether your tires are appropriately inflated. To confirm, verify the PSI levels and top tires before each ride. If the tire is underinflated, you should not drive and can’t support the bike.
  2. Fix the flat to have a smooth drive. The good news is you do not need professional skills, as flat repair can be done precisely as done on a conventional bike. Besides, hub motors are complex. So, you have to know how to connect, disconnect, and reconnect them in an e-bike.
  3. If tires are slippery, get frequent punctures, and more issues, consider it an alarm to change your tires immediately. Take note; you need to buy the tires from the best brand that will value your money.
  4. Don’t overlook tire pressure. If you find your tire is not keeping your balance, always keep in check and fill the air in tires to maintain a smooth ride. Also, note that riding on less air pressure tires is risky, so be careful. 
  5. Washing your bike is always necessary, especially after a long trip. While washing, make sure you are cleaning dust and other necessary muddy patches. If you do not wash, the bike cannot perform as you want. 

Keeping Brakes in Good Shape

brakes maintenance

Whether you have an E-bike or conventional, a bike must have a fast and robust brake system to stop you without damage. If you neglect this, this will increase the risks while driving. So, here’s how you need to care for your brakes. 

  1. Before riding a bike, always check and adjust the brakes. If you see some parts are loose, broken, and excessively rotating, you should get them repaired from a bike shop. 
  2. If you’re best at repairing and tightening brakes, do it and get most of your bike without paying anyone. 
  3. If you see brakes are damaged and need replacement, get it done straight from the best bike shop near you. 

Don’t forget about the chain

Chain is also a crucial part of Electronic-bike. Do you know?

The chain usually gets a high level of wear and tear. So, it is vital to keep an eye on the chain as well. Here’s how you can care for your chain and get the most out of the Electric Bike Maintenance. 

  1. Regular lubrication is crucial to maintain the chain from wear and tear. It would be best to lubricate the chain from the inside, which naturally decreases the clench and grime from building up. Lubrication is not only about chain levers; cables, derailleurs, etc., are also crucial for a smoother and quick ride.
  2. One must apply the lubricant to different parts of the e-bike where it is needed and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, wipe off the excess lubricant from parts with a rag. 
  3. Once done, clean the different parts of the e-bike with a degreaser. It helps to avoid dirt and other dust particles from sitting on the bike. 
  4. You can even try the chain indicator tool to alert you to replace the chain or suffer from too much wear and tear. 

Storing Rules

When you own a bike, you have a great responsibility to maintain and store your bike in the best cool or dry place.

Make sure you keep the electronic bike in a dry place, away from humidity. However, the experts also suggest that the ideal temperature for storing bikes is 0-25C or 32-68F. 

If you want to store an e-bike for an extended period, it becomes more important to store it correctly. Thus, the battery and its essential parts remain effective. If we compare traditional bike storage with e-bike storage, you must be extra careful with an e-bike. 

Here’s how you can store your favorite e-bike to keep it safe and optimal for use.

You need to focus on three major points, which are cleaning, charging, and battery care. 


bosch battery

E-bikes have different batteries, so first, you need to identify the type of battery. However, the most common battery is Lithium or lead.  

If your bike has a lead battery, then you have to store it at a low temperature. For instance, you could keep it in a cool or dry place. 


Next, you need to ensure you have stored your e-bike after keeping it complete with a battery. Storing it with a low battery results in a dump battery that might not start again quickly for subsequent use.

Also, keep in mind that e-bike batteries are expensive, and you should keep them charged. If possible, charge the battery after every three months. It would help you get the best out of it even when in storage. 


Before storing, it is necessary to clean your e-bike properly. It will remove the dirt and water from the bike, and when you want to use it again, you can ride perfectly.

Tidiness is important too

how to clean ebike

Whether it comes to the storage of e-bike or keeping them maintained, tidiness is essential. So, here is how you need to clean your bike to get the most out of it. 

What will you need?

  • A bucket full of water
  • Bike cleaner 
  • Brushes
  • Sponge
  • Disc brake cleaner
  • Chain lube
  • Poly-film
  • Bike degreaser

How to clean?

  • Put out the battery from the bike; this helps in avoiding any risk. 
  • Also, check the manual of your bike before performing any step. 
  • Cover the display with poly-film to protect it from the water.
  • You can even cover seats if you find they are not water-resistant.
  • Once everything is ready, go with the cleaning process. 
  • Start washing the e-bike with water, and then take a sponge to remove dirt.
  • Use the bike-degreaser to clean the chain and other parts. 
  • Lubricate the chain and leave it for 5 minutes. 
  • Clean your brakes and scrub them slowly. 

Try to perform each step with patience, and you will naturally improve the functionality of the bike. 


With details as mentioned above, you can calculate how important Electric Bike Maintenance is.

In addition, we have shared both minor to significant aspects that you need to keep in mind while doing proper maintenance. So, follow the above tips and keep your bike effective to ride every time. 


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