Electric Dirt Bike with Training Wheels

Can You Ride an Electric Dirt Bike with Training Wheels?


Noel Joseph
August 17, 2021

Is it possible to ride an electric dirt bike with training wheels?

This is a pretty interesting question to answer, but it’s also an easy one.

The short answer is that, yes you can add some training wheels to an electric dirt bike. In fact, if you have a young kid who has never ridden this sort of bike before, then it’s the best decision you can make to add them.

However, we will get more into the reasons why you should use an electric dirt bike with training wheels later on. First, let’s explain the overall point of them.

What is the Point of a Dirt Bike with Training Wheels?

training wheels on dirt bike

The point of training wheels is a simple one to understand. It means your kid is going to feel safer on a dirt bike, which is important when they are not used to riding one and the power that can be produced.

You need to think about how the dirt bike works. They sit on the bike, they fire it up, and they can accelerate. The difficulty is that you need to throw the ability to balance into the equation as well, so that means there’s a lot to think about. Actually, it’s too much to contend with when you are a young kid, so training wheels remove so many obstacles.

Think of it from this perspective. If you have never ridden a dirt bike before, then seeing this thing on two wheels is daunting. Imagine what it’s like if you are a child, and you don’t have the same understanding of what a dirt bike is, or what it’s capable of.

Suddenly though, having training wheels means the bike is standing upright on its own, and it’s no longer as scary. That simple change in how it is perceived can encourage your child to get on the dirt bike and have a go.

Reasons to Introduce Your Kid to a Dirt Bike with Training Wheels

training with training wheels on dirt bike

Let’s be honest here, a dirt bike can be dangerous if you don’t know how to handle it. The chances of you being hurt in some way will climb pretty high if you aren’t careful.

Of course, the danger can climb even higher still when dealing with a kid, so anything that can reduce the chances of them being injured while learning is welcomed.

That has to be the main reason why you should start your kid off with training wheels. You don’t want them to be hurt, and neither do they although they may not fully understand what could potentially go wrong.

Also, kids don’t often have the best balance in the first place. They can become excited and trip over or fall. Imagine how that can be magnified when there’s some power involved.

But when it comes to the reasons, you may wish to consider this short list.

  • They help with giving your kid more balance on the dirt bike.
  • It will boost their confidence in being able to ride it in the first place.
  • They can focus on other parts of learning how to ride without worrying about balance.
  • You feel more confident in them riding it independently.
  • You can gradually let them become accustomed to speed and power.

As you can see, these are pretty good reasons for including a set of training wheels, and they are compelling reasons at that.

However, you need to think carefully about one thing, and that’s the length of time that the dirt bike will have the training wheels fitted.

The problem is a potential over-reliance on the training wheels. They need to be used purely as an introduction rather than a longer solution. They need to be used to allow your child to get used to the speed and the power, but keeping them on too long means they will still be scared when it comes to removing the wheels.

The Pros of a Dirt Bike with Training Wheels

training wheels and when to start with them

So far, we have looked at why you should consider a dirt bike with training wheels while also looking at reasons why it’s best to have them installed for your kid. However, let’s run over the pros.

First, there’s the simple fact that these training wheels will allow your child to increase their confidence in riding a dirt bike. They can focus on the controls and getting the dirt bike moving without worrying about balancing and trying to not fall off.

It becomes very hard for the dirt bike to simply topple over. The wheels act more like a tripod to provide greater balance, so something drastic would have to happen for it to really fall over.

As a result, this reduces the chances of them being hurt, both physically as well as their pride.

Also, as you become more confident that they won’t hurt themselves, it means they can ride along on their own and feel a sort of independence. This will also bolster their confidence, and with confidence comes the ability to ride the dirt bike better, and those training wheels can come off pretty soon.

By making it harder to fall off, they can focus on learning all about the controls and the basic idea of riding a dirt bike. They can focus on learning how to accelerate, to brake, and even to change gear. It means there are fewer things for them to think about, and confidence grows after you have mastered the controls.

What we are saying here is that the main positive of training wheels is the way in which it buys your child time to learn more about how to ride a dirt bike without constantly falling off. The fact that they help in this way does strengthen the reasons why you should add them in the first place.

The Cons of a Dirt Bike with Training Wheels

dirt bike training wheels pros and cons

In the interest of balance, let’s look at the cons associated with adding training wheels to your dirt bike.

One of the main issues people tend to have with training wheels is that they feel they are a safety issue, which is strange since they are added in order to improve safety.

The argument is that they are not part of the actual frame of the dirt bike. They are an add-on. Anything that’s an add-on like this could, potentially at least, fall off, and that’s a concern.

Of course, you can have them fitted professionally if that’s something that worries you, but these training wheels are designed to be easy to apply, and easy to remove. As long as you do it right, there should be no problem from a safety point of view.

But there’s another negative, and it’s connected to how you use the dirt bike. The key here is with cornering as a dirt bike tilts and leans into the corners, that’s just the way you are supposed to do it.

However, when you training wheels fitted, well it kind of makes that impossible. Instead, you are left going around a corner incorrectly as your dirt bike just cannot go in the direction that you need.

Finally, we have the issue of balance. Now, training wheels help with balance, but there’s also a negative side to it all.

As your child becomes accustomed to having training wheels on, it can lead to them getting this false idea of how good their balance is on a dirt bike. It then leads to a huge shock when they are removed, and the next thing that happens is they start falling off the bike almost immediately.

In this instance, there’s a fine line between using training wheels to help with balance and using them too long to create that false confidence.

Aside from those few things, there are actually very few negatives associated with putting training wheels on a dirt bike. There’s no doubt that they will help kids develop their riding skills, so the pros do outweigh the cons.


If your kid has never ridden a dirt bike before, then adding training wheels is something that is advisable. Yes, they may be capable of riding a bicycle without training wheels, but this is a completely different thing.

They won’t be used to having some power that propels them along. That sudden burst of speed can easily throw them off, and then that’s just an accident waiting to happen. In a split second, they will have the bike toppling over, and next thing you know they are on the ground.

Well, by simply adding those training wheels, you can prevent so many accidents. It will help them build their confidence in using their electric dirt bike, and then you can easily take them off once you feel they are capable of handling the bike.

We mentioned different pros and cons earlier, but when trying to teach your kid how to ride it’s always best to err on the side of caution. Having an early fall could scare them, and it will make it harder for them to get back on the bike in the future. So, make life easier for them, and you will probably end up with a dirt bike enthusiast on your hands.


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