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Fastest Electric Bike


Noel Joseph
August 26, 2021

No matter what type of vehicle you’re looking at, speed is one of the factors that can make or break a person’s decision to purchase it, and that consideration also plays a large role in purchasing decisions for electric bikes.

Electric bikes aren’t exactly the cheapest thing to purchase, and if speed is one of the things that you’re most interested in, it pays to do some research to eliminate buyer’s regret.

Electric bikes have bursted in popularity over the course of the past decade, and they have changed the way that people travel to and from work in certain cities. Speed is one of the factors that can never be ignored, and for those that are using electric bikes as their only method of transportation, speed can make or break you getting to work or to an appointment on time.

Before jumping right into the top speeds of the fastest electric bike, we have to look at a few things. The first thing is the pedal electric cycle, or commonly referred to as “pedelec”.

This is a bike that uses pedal-assist to move forward. As you begin pedaling, you will feel a surge of motor assistance.

What Is The Fastest Electric Bike In The World?

Voxan Wattman

The fastest electric bike in the entire world is known as the Voxan Wattman.

This electric bike can reach speeds of nearly 254 mph. on a runway. The average speed it clocks in at on a stretch such as this is 227 mph. The motor installed in the Voxan Wattman is a 362 BPH electric motor.

To reach these speeds, the manufacturer of the bike reached out to Max Biaggi, a veteran of the World Superbike sport.


The Voxan Wattman electric bike has the ability to accelerate up to 62 mph in under 3.4 seconds. When the team behind this bike was testing it out, their initial goal was to break 12 records.

They were only able to break 11, but that’s still a staggering amount. The Voxan team insists that they want to keep breaking records well into 2022.

Is It Safe To Ride This Bike?

For your average electric bike driver, this wouldn’t be a safe bike to ride. For someone that’s been driving bikes their entire life and that does it for a living, then it’s a different story.

The people involved in manufacturing the Voxan Wattman bike are all professionals and have been in the industry for many years.

No normal person would ever want to be going at speeds this fast. The speeds at which this bike reached were done in a controlled environment, not on some random freeway.

Top Speeds Of Standard Electric Bikes

electric mountain bike race

While your standard electric bike won’t reach anywhere near those speeds, they do reach speeds that can seemingly get a little dangerous for your ordinary rider.

You’ll want to exercise a great deal of caution whenever you decide to hop on one to prevent serious injuries from occurring. Because of how fast electric bikes can go, there are restrictions set in place for them.

You’ll have to register your bike, get a license, and have a helmet on every time you go to drive it. There is also a good chance that you’ll have to get liability insurance for it.

Seeing this many restrictions can sway people in the opposite direction from purchasing one of them, but true electric bike enthusiasts will always find a way to get their rides in.

Many electric bike users mistakenly refer to these bikes as being fully electric, but the difference between a pedelec and an electric bike is that a pedelec doesn’t come with a throttle. You’ll only get forward propulsion once you start pedaling. With an electric bike, you’ll get a throttle at your disposal, and you don’t even have to move your legs.

Pedelec bikes are categorized into two divisions. The first division will be your standard electric bike with pedal-assisted propulsion that can reach up to 15.5 mph, and then you have those that reach up to 28 mph.

If you’re wanting to reach the top speeds of 28 mph, you’ll need to go with a high-speed electric bike. To put things into a little more perspective, your average non-electric bike will only reach speeds up to around 12 mph, depending on the person riding it.

Other Fast Electric Bikes

Aside from the Voxan, there are a number of more laid-back electric bikes that you can still get your thrills on.

BAKCOU Flatlander – Fast And Outdoorsy

BAKCOU Flatlander

The BAKCOU Flatlander is an electric bike that is perfect for those that love the outdoors. It’s a bike that would be perfect for hunters and trail riders that like a good mix of speed and power at the same time. It’s also priced fairly affordably considering how much speed you get out of the bike.

The BAKCOU Flatlander is more geared towards flat driving environments, but that isn’t to say that you won’t be able to take it on dirt or trails. It’s constructed with an aluminum frame and stands nearly 30 inches in height.

Its weight is at 63 pounds, making it a little on the heavy side for some people. Many people enjoy how heavy it is because it adds to how sturdy it feels on different types of terrain.

The weight capacity of the BAKCOU Flatlander is 300 pounds. Some other nice features of the bike are:

  • Skid-proof pedals
  • Shock-absorbing seat
  • Locking handle grips

The BAKCOU Flatlander can reach speeds of up to and over 35 mph, making it quite a fast electric bike for the average consumer. You also won’t have to worry about stopping power, because the manufacturers ensure the brakes in this bike are superior.

Rad Power RadRover 5 – Most Affordable Fast Electric Bike

Rad Power RadRover 5

Another fast and affordable electric bike is the Rad Power RadRover 5. This bike has a rugged look to it and contains large wheels that can seemingly be taken on any type of terrain you throw at it.

The speeds aren’t exactly as high as the BAKCOU Flatlander, but users will have a lot of enjoyment on this bike for the foreseeable future. The price point of this electric bike can’t be emphasized enough.

The Rad Power RadRover 5 contains an aluminum frame that is equipped for taking on rough terrain. It weighs in at almost 70 pounds, but that’s to be expected for an electric bike that has fat tires installed on it. This bike was never designed to be a top-of-the line speedy electric bike for highway use.

The speeds you can reach on this bike typically max out at around 25 mph if you adjust some settings in the control panel of the bike. If you don’t do the adjustments, the factory speed limit is set at 20 mph. There are five different pedal-assist levels in this bike, and they are powered by an efficient 48-volt battery.

Trek Domane+ – Smooth Meets Speed

Trek Domane+

The Trek Domane+ is one of the fastest and smoothest electric bikes on the market. It’s light, can be taken in a number of different environments, and has a speed that will get your adrenaline flowing nicely. If you want a bike that can do it all and do it quickly at the same time, the Trek Domane+ is an ideal choice to go with.

The Trek Domane+ bike is manufactured with an OCLV carbon frame and it contains a long wheelbase, making driving very smooth. While the bike might appear to be bulky on the outside, it doesn’t actually feel all the bulky. It only weighs in at around 38 pounds, and that’s almost half of the weight of the previous bikes on this list.

Many users report the battery as being very efficient and able to bring them a distance of around 60 miles in economy mode. If you decide to pop the bike into some of the other modes, your riding time will be lower.

The Trek Domane+ can reach speeds up to 28 mpg. The 35-millimeter tires make them a good size to draw out a lot of bumps in the road to feeling like nothing. They also ensure the user will be driving the bike with a good measure of stability. Equipped with a top-notch braking system, this electric bike will have you feeling safe no matter what speed you’re going at.

Final Thoughts

Electric bikes are an enjoyable way to get outside and enjoy the weather without breaking too much of a sweat.

If you’re a biking enthusiast and are going through an injury that prevents you from using a manual bike, an electric bike is an efficient way to still be able to enjoy the scenery that’s passing you by at a good rate of speed.

While you might not ever get an opportune chance to drive an electric bike like the Voxan, any electric bike on this list is a wise consideration to try out.


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