When Is It Right Time For Kids Motorcycle

Kids Electric Motorcycle – When Is It The Right Time


Noel Joseph
August 9, 2021

Gone are the ages when kids played with vintage toys like ”Betty Spaghetty”, ”Gita Pets”, ”Furry Teddies”, and various board games and card games.

With technology evolving at the speed of light, we see it entering the market of luxuries for kids, namely, The Kid’s electric motorcycle. Kids these days have a broad spectrum of knowledge of the toy industry, what kind of products are available on the market, thanks to the internet. 

They see a rapidly changing world that is moving towards sophisticated, eco-friendly, and high-end technology. And thus, kids don’t shy away from demanding from you, the parent, a fancy, shining electric motorcycle.

Understandably, this demand might send jitters running down your spine. Is it safe? Is it a good time to have your kid driving, literally? What would an electric motorcycle as a toy look and operate like?

Worry not, for we have you covered with an extensive piece addressing all the ”frequently asked questions,” setting to rest your apprehensions, fear, and curiosity. 

What are kid’s electric motorcycles?

Little boy riding electric motorcycle while father waching

Suppose you were researching the kid’s electric motorcycles and came across a few images.

In that case, you can easily realize that this state-of-the-art equipment looks not very different from a conventional bicycle. So how is it different from a regular bike? Well, add a few extra features like a battery and motor, and there you go! You will have an Electric Motorcycle.

The electrically assisted pedal cycles or Electric Bikes, or Electric motorcycles for kids, are considered a much easier experience than cycling. Like conventional cycles, they are also operated via pedals but are connected to a small motor that boosts when you peddle and gives you added acceleration.

Thus, these make for a convenient mode of transportation for your kids and youngsters. All in all, these are potent vehicles that could help your kids to learn and master riding and balancing. 

Cycling is one activity that is highly encouraged among youngsters as part of the active campaign to promote a fit lifestyle. With the increasing emergence of mobile and online gaming, more children are heading towards an unhealthy, dormant, and mentally stagnant lifestyle.

Cycling is considered ideal for children to break out into the surroundings, mingle with their external surroundings and also have fun at the same time.

Electric motorcycles are one step towards technologically driven and environmentally-friendly equipment that achieves both the purposes of taking your children out of the digital realms of video games and cartoons and have them enroll in a healthy lifestyle.

For very young kids, these motorcycles may also come in a disassembled form. With the help of a set of screwdrivers, you could quickly assemble the wheels, seats, pedals, handles, etc.

Electric motorcycles are battery-operated machines, and the manufacturers use lead-acid batteries. Most times, these motorcycles come with remotes that are used for external control. Well-branded motorcycles also come with additional features for child safety (e.g., a safety kill switch).

You can also find motorcycles with Wi-Fi settings, thus allowing for wireless connection to the parent’s device or remote control. These motorcycles usually come with different types of acceleration and speed settings. Some could come with fat tires, which ensure higher surface contact.

What’s the point of electric motorcycles?

weekend rides

So if it isn’t much different from a regular bicycle, then why opt for one? 

There are a lot of benefits that come with switching to an electric option. Electric motorcycles make the experience of cycling much more convenient and prolonged in comparison to a non-electric one.

There is also the added advantage of traveling with ease if you live in the countryside or go for rides amidst the mountains. Electronic motorcycles are considered the most suitable choice when it comes to traveling through rugged terrains.

Moreover, if you tend to be one of those parents who are considerate about the environment and avoid traveling in private vehicles, encouraging your children to commute to school or play on their electric motorcycles could be a great choice.

Moreover, the electronic component ensures that it is not overly exhaustive and fast as well. Furthermore, these bikes also come with added customizations concerning speed.

While some bikes might give you three-plus levels of speed change, others could give you an option to switch gears between a moderate speed to a high speed. With the added convenience and customization, your kids are likely likely to appreciate their rides more often and ultimately result in longer rides that are both healthy and merry!

This is also an excellent option for kids tackling obesity to get started with. Since it is not an extremely grueling activity, it would help obese kids start slow and maintain a consistent regime. 

Another critical reason to opt for e-motorcycles or bikes is that it also allows parents to join their children on early morning or weekend rides. In addition, electronic bikes would be less demanding on your body and thus will allow you to participate with your children on a good fitness regime.

Overall, Electronic bikes let your children get into a more consistent and less demanding activity that promotes their overall health. It relieves them of the stagnancy that the digital world creates, academic pressure, and enjoy a great time with peers and parents.

When is the perfect time for them to start?

time to start riding motorcycle

It is stated that most countries keep a minimum bar of fourteen years to qualify to ride electric motorcycles.

However, the time to start riding an electric motorcycle is hinged on various factors like the area where you live, whether there are designated roads or paths for cycling, the enormity of the traffic situation, and speed limits on the streets.

Thus, you could be finding a different set of regulations in other countries. For example, the state puts a 16-year minimum bar for riding an electric motorcycle in Singapore. But, on the other hand, in the UK, one needs to be at least 14 years old to ride an electric motorcycle, and only on cycle paths are roads where it is allowed to ride pedal bikes.

Thus, it is mainly advised that teenagers are best placed to start with electronic bikes, considering that they would be better positioned to understand the dynamics of operating the bicycle and use it safely on congested roads.

On the other hand, the eFTR Jr introduced in India, designed as a miniature replica of the FTR750 flat tracker, is considered suitable for children eight years old and above. With a maximum speed of 24km/h (High Power Mode) and a minimum of 16 km/h (Low Power Mode).

On the other hand, Harley Davidson manufactured its electric-powered balance bike, suitable to ride for children between three to seven years. These bikes operate on lithium-ion batteries and come with adjustable seats and Low weight bodies, making them much easier to manage.

The truth is that electronic motorcycles are to stay, and more so, with an extensive appreciation of the electronic culture”, more and more manufacturers would be pushing out new models and claiming it safe for kids of different age groups. 

However, as parents, your consultancy and consideration are most valued in ensuring the safety of your kids. For children below eight years, you should consider introducing electric motorcycles under highly regulated supervision.

For those above eight, the choice of the model and attention to details like bike weight, the speed limit should be possible criteria that you should be looking upon thoroughly. 

Is an electric motorcycle dangerous?

As soon as one hears about electric motorcycles, one can only think about the dangerous accidents that may occur if things go downhill.

The accidents associated with electric motorcycles are harsh, and injuries can be fatal. Especially if you cycle through slippery surfaces, there could be greater chances of skids. Kids of a relatively younger age might also drive roughly or might not have the right abilities to operate and manage during high speed.

While riding electric motorcycles could be a thrilling experience, the dangers associated with it mainly come from inexperience, which is most prevalent among children. 

This information is not, however, to scare you and not have your children experience these bikes. It is only to caution you and take a more progressive route in introducing your kids to electronic motorcycles/ bikes.

We’d suggest you start slow but steady. Opt for child-friendly electric motorcycles that come with added side wheels for extra balance. Keep your child under supervision as they set on rides. You might have to go along to ensure that they are riding smoothly. In some time, you will find them getting more comfortable with their bikes and navigating safely and confidently.

If you are that parent who has introduced your babies to electric bikes, you might be aware that they won’t be riding it themselves! Your effort will be required physically or manually to give the thrust for the bike to move while your toddlers sit on it to enjoy a good ride!

Some bikes also come with remote controls that let parents operate them from a distance. In the case of little grown-up youngsters, the key to ensuring a safe ride is taking it slow and smooth. The bike should have efficient accelerators that make the switches easy.

Moreover, the speed that your children ride in should be under control. High-speed driving could end up being rash and send your kid flying off from the seat. All in all, the dangers associated with electric motorcycles are inevitable. One cannot wholly undo it but minimize and control it to the maximum through various safety measures. 

Safety measures for kids on an electric motorcycle? 

safety of electric motorcycles

Thus, the most crucial factor in your kid’s experience of riding an electric motorcycle is the kind of safety measures taken.

Quality and Awareness are at the heart of all steps to ensure safety. 

The first and most crucial suggestion is to choose the right bike. Before you set out to buy your electric motorcycle, you need to consider your child’s age, physique, and level of ability to ride.

Then, accordingly, you can consider purchasing a motorcycle that fits the bill. For example, the motor is a central element of the bikes that could be of various wattages. Motors with a higher power rating mean more power, more propelling force, and more extraordinary ability to handle the weight.

The battery is another component that could be instrumental in determining the bulkiness, maintenance of your bike. Lithium batteries are considered lighter weight than, say, sealed lead-acid batteries. Next, the bike’s frame and its bulkiness also determine the ease with which they ride the bike. All in all, it is ideal that the kids’ bikes are neither too heavy nor on the lighter end. 

Second, how electric do you want your bike to be, is also an important determinant. Some electronic bikes have pedals that let you ride them just like a conventional bicycle. Others, called electrically-assisted pedal cycles, allow a certain degree of human effort along with a maximum of electronic power. Third, there are the complete electric ones that operate at the switch of a button. 

Thirdly, safety gear is yet another pivotal element to avoid extreme accidents or injuries related to the same. Studies point out that the significant reason for severe road accidents that kids or teenagers face on the road is the lack of safety gear. Therefore, helmets, knee, and elbow pads are not only recommended but mandatory — moreover, the more young your child is, the greater the need to guard them. 

Fourth is how well your kids can follow the general rules of riding and traffic rules, especially if they ride on the main roads alongside big vehicles. They need to be aware of the speed limit and traffic signals which will aid them to navigate safely through busy streets. 

Concluding the Ride

On a final note, opting for electric motorcycles could be a mixed bag of feelings.

You are thrilled by the innovative technology that transforms a regular two-wheeler into something big and better, but you are also hesitant considering your child’s safety.

There are many advantages associated with going electronic, like convenience, better experience, and environmental soundness.

However, as with any technology, you must educate your children about its usage so that they can use it in the most non-dangerous ways. Then, a few protocols and extensive research on riding it properly, and your kids are good to go for a great ride!


Noel Joseph

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