different types of personal electric vehicles

9 Personal Electric Vehicles


Noel Joseph
August 4, 2021

A few years back, people had a few options if they ever wished to go electric, but today anyone can find a suitable vehicle based on their personal needs and preference.

Currently, we are spoilt for choices when it comes to personal electric vehicles. To help shortlist your options, we have curated the nine most tantalizing personal electric vehicles. 

But why exactly should one opt for a PEV instead of your good old gas-guzzling car? Well, for starters, PEVs are excellent to carry around and will help you cover small distances without walking.

Other reasons are a better environment, fewer accidents, and steeper maintenance costs. But, of course, the cherry on the top is cost reduction and savings!

Let’s delve into all the primary personal electric vehicles with their pros, cons, and suitability.

1. Moped/electric scooter


An electric motorcycle, popularly known as a moped, is an excellent way to travel for people who want to enjoy the conventional designs of scooters.

Another great thing about an electric moped is its ability to carry passengers. Unfortunately, it is challenging to find an electric model that gives you the freedom to carry passengers. 

Its sturdy wheels allow drivers to run through any muddy and gravel-filled paths with quite ease. However, since these electric scooters are perceived as general motors, users require number plates, driving licenses, and even registration documents. 


  • Hyper silent
  • Has the functionality to carry passengers or load lightweight cargo
  • Zero fumes and worries about gas, oil or petrol
  • Environmental friendly
  • Conventional design for people who enjoy design familiarity


  • Needs more space to store 
  • It can feel bulky as compared to other PEV models
  • Users need a license and proper documentation
  • Not suitable or designed for pavements, sidewalks, or pedestrian areas


Electric scooters are excellent for people of all ages because of their design. Elders or commuters can use these vehicles to haul luggage, groceries, etc., without any effort. You can also use these scooters for touring countrysides and urban landscapes alike.

2. Walk car

about walkcar

A Walk car is a unique take on personal electric vehicles. This innovative and sleek design is a 13″ vehicle that closely resembles the size of a small laptop.

Its main feature is its elegant design and lightweight. The vehicle is ultra-light and can easily fit into any bag, just like a regular laptop. Its portability is one of the main features that attract PEV enthusiasts to this model. The vehicle is equipped with an automatic brake system and fully charges in 60 minutes.

Apart from that, the vehicle fashions three modes that can help you set the speed accordingly. In addition, this device comes with blue and silver color options along with a decently powered in-wheel motor.


  • Revolutionary sleek design that fits in your bag
  • Ultra-portable
  • Lightweight 
  • It comes with two color variations
  • The vehicle has three modes for different operations
  • It comes with an automatic braking system


  • Heavy chances of falling 
  • Not suitable for off roads or uneven surfaces


This electric personal vehicle model is rather suitable for young people who aren’t physically impaired. However, elders will have a hard time standing on the vehicle for a prolonged period. This Walk car is also fabulous for students traveling from university to home or for office goers.

3. Electric bicycles

city ebike

Electric bicycles are some of the first innovations that pushed the electric vehicle industry forwards. Many off-road enthusiasts enjoy electric bicycles for trails and hikes, while many city commuters find this vehicle a blessing.

There are thousands of models that offer stunning features with added speed levers and outstanding battery packs. Electric bicycles can be a great addition to your life if you enjoy cycling but do not like the extra strenuous workout that comes with it. 

These bikes can prove to be an excellent mode of travel if you want to bridge the gap between your home and public transportation. Another ideal variant that adds up to the features is foldable electric bikes. These bikes not only run on electricity but are also easily foldable.

Users can fold their bikes and even carry them on public transportation. It doesn’t take time to disassemble these vehicles, and you get the assurance of no-theft. Since these require lesser space, users tend to store them at home to reduce the risks of getting stolen.


  • It doesn’t stay dud after the electric assistance gets depleted; you can still ride them as a regular bike.
  • Lesser carbon footprint
  • Ideal for storing or carrying around
  • Lesser noticeable and highly useful
  • Speed controlling
  • Innumerable model choices


  • Considerably heavy even after folding
  • Some models can be highly bulky
  • Higher chances of getting stolen as compared to other vehicles


Folded or unfolded electric bicycles serve as a good option for people who love bicycle riding. The electric variation allows motivated elders to ride the bike without breaking a sweat. Moreover, you can easily use these electric bicycles in various geographical topographies. These bikes ride smoothly in the city as well as on rough terrains.

4. Electric tri-wheel car 

i-road toyota

This Toyota i-Road tri-wheel car is manufactured by none other than Toyota. The one plus one seat options are an excellent feature that drives this brilliant design on the roads. This electric machine weighs only 300 kg and has a width of only 90cm.

This PEV is a beautiful amalgamation of bike and car, thus providing car protection with bike portability. Its electric motor, along with a lithium-ion-powered battery pack, guarantees more than 50 km of total range. 

The vehicle offers a top speed of 60km/h in Japan and 45km/h in Europe. Drivers aren’t required to wear helmets, and one can easily split lanes with them. Because of its compact design, users can easily park this vehicle in their house or garage without wasting any space.

The company promises that you can fit four i-Roads in one parking spot. Its design offers unmatched mobility and flexibility while traveling on densely packed roads.


  • Offers great practicality
  • Completely weather and element proof 
  • Extraordinary design
  • Three wheels ensure adequate balance 
  • You have the freedom to carry a passenger with you


  • Not a good PEV option for claustrophobic people
  • You cannot expect the comforts of a car in this model


This PEV is a perfect choice for drivers who do not like the interference of environmental elements while driving. The vehicle will keep you safe from dirt, dust, wind, rain, and cold temperatures. In addition, young adults and elders can use the car for their daily chores and commute.

5. Electric folding tricycle 

folding tricycle

Electric folding three-wheeled scooters are highly known for their modest size and foldability. These machines are perfect for people who cannot drive bikes or have trouble balancing them.

These electric folding tricycles usually weigh anywhere around 32 lbs and offer excellent portability. Vehicles like such can give you the benefits of a scooter with more balance and added portability. These PEVs do look sporty and, to a particular extent, even minimalist.

All foldable tricycles are well equipped with various speed settings, decent battery range, and shock absorbers. The swift folding design makes it easy to store this vehicle in your house or carry it around in public transportation. 


  • Ultra-lightweight and very easy to carry around
  • Safer than bikes because of its extra wheel
  • It looks stylish and highly modern
  • Users can enjoy a decent combination of speed and portability


  • Not the most comfortable ride for prolonged use
  • It has a high chance of tripping over rough terrains.


You can use this vehicle for taking a small stroll to enjoy fresh air or complete light and quick errands. However, you cannot use these models for long journeys or roads; they are a little less comfortable than regular scooters or bikes. Youth and people who aren’t afraid to get stares are usually inclined towards this design.

6. Electric kick scooter

about electric kick scooter

Electric kick scooters might look like a kid’s toy, but they offer extreme speed, durability, and portability compared to regular scooters. Their small wheels help achieve a relatively higher speed on even roads.

However, users need to stay cautious as bumpy roads and small cracks can lead to accidents. 

You can find various models with comparatively bigger wheels dedicated just for off roads if you love off-roading. These scooters have brackets and handlebars to navigate without using much strength. Their foldable models are ideal for people who wish to use these between their public transport commute. 


  • Extremely affordable as compared to other PEVs
  • Easy to ride
  • No complex structure or features
  • Outstanding balance because of the handlebars
  • It has impressive speed with added durability


  • Small wheels can be an invitation to unwanted injuries
  • Limited range 
  • No climate protection


This impressive yet straightforward electric personal vehicle is an ideal choice for students and people who enjoy the feel of riding a bike with a handle. Unfortunately, since it’s a standing operating machine, they are not very elder-friendly.

7. Electric unicycle


Popularly known as eWheels, this electric unicycle is self-balancing and works solely on the play of balance. These machines have a wide variety of wheel sizes depending on the taste and need of a user. Since the vehicle has a big wheel, it can easily ride through mud, dirt, lawns, and minimal gravel roads. 

You can find electric unicycles in various colors and ranges. Since they are small, compact, and lightweight, users can easily carry them while working. However, you should highly concentrate while riding this vehicle as a bit of discoordination can result in accidents. 


  • Easy to use
  • Exceptionally portable 
  • Users can use a telescopic handle to pull it
  • Highly waterproof
  • Helps in improving stance and strengthens back


  • This PEV has a very steep learning curve
  • It can make your abdomen hurt because of the constant balancing act


As mentioned above, users can use these eWheels for commuting to work. On the other hand, this machine can help students cruise huge college campuses without wasting time or energy. You can also use this vehicle while walking your dogs.

8. Electric skateboard


If you are a longboarding enthusiast, then we highly recommend electric skateboards. Since they are self-powered, it becomes relatively easier to zip down the street than any standard skateboard. Each skateboard has a high-power motor attached to the underside of the board. 

Instead of buying electric skateboards, you can also invest in a skateboard conversion kit that allows you to transform your regular skateboard into an easy gliding PEV. Most skaters enjoy the speed and freedom of doing tricks because of the high-powered motor.


  • It can also double up as a non-electric skateboard 
  • Very similar to a standard skateboard, so users have design familiarity
  • Discreet motors that do not catch anyone’s attention
  • Easy to balance because of the board’s length


  • Limited to pavements and smooth roads
  • Not the safest in the absence of tail and headlight
  • Users experience a high number of slips during the rainy season
  • Can cause fatigue if used for extended periods


Electric skateboards are the first choice for all skaters across the world. These PEVs can help skaters try different tricks that generally wouldn’t have been possible with standard skateboards. In addition, this vehicle is excellent for teens for running errands or covering small distances with style and ease. 

9. Hoverboard

electric hoverboard

Hoverboards need no introduction as they are one of the most famous personal electric vehicles on the market. These hoverboards have two thick wheels that balance themselves on the user’s controllability. You can think of a hoverboard as a segway vehicle without the handlebar. 

These hoverboards are incredibly sporty and look extraordinary with their multiple LED lights. This two-wheeled board has inbuilt gyroscope sensor pads. Hoverboards highly lack range and speed; therefore, users are requested to use them on plain surfaces without any textures or bumps. 


  • Relatively affordable
  • Fun to use even at home
  • Safer due to low top speed
  • Lightweight and effortless to carry
  • Easy to learn and master the balancing part


  • Not the most fastest PEV variety on the market
  • High chances of fatigue


We highly recommend using hoverboards at home because of their limited capacity for speeding. In addition, the product is relatively safer; thus, kids can use it under parental guidance. Finally, adults can use hoverboards for light walks around the corner.


We hope our list helped you with a few options for selecting your PEV.

Before purchasing, always remember that every single vehicle type is different and yields different levels of functionality. It would be best to choose the model based on its looks, speed, capacity, portability, and functions.

If you are someone new and do not wish to spend a lot on high-end electric vehicles, we recommend electric skateboards and hoverboards for leisure purposes. On the other hand, a foldable bicycle will serve you just right if you are a serious commuter. 


Noel Joseph

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