Our list of best electric cars on the market

Top Gear Electric Cars


Noel Joseph
August 23, 2021

Top Gear hosts some of the best electric cars on the market, and some that have even yet to hit the market.

We can’t get enough of them, which is why they’ve been on the air for nearly twenty years.

We’re all about electric vehicles, so we thought it was time to discuss some of Top Gear’s top picks for electric cars and go over their choices. Let’s take a look.

* This list in in no particular order; just celebrating high-powered, beautiful electric cars

Fiat 500

fiat 500

Who would have thought we’d see this on any kind of Top Gear list, right?

The Fiat 500 is small and compact, and just the right size to grant excellent power without being over the top. While handling is sharp and can feel jumpy, it doesn’t take too long to get used to.

However, if you’re going to haul any kind of cargo or have more than one passenger, you will run into a few issues, but the decreased drag from the minimal user weight and cargo load is part of what helps you stretch and push the distance on that total battery retention.

Overall, the Fiat 500 surprised us by being on Top Gear’s list, but it makes sense when you look at it. Affordable, effective, and great for a distinct niche of electric car drivers. But what else do they have in store?

Audi e-Tron

Audi e-Tron

You knew Audio was going to be on here, because Audi is all about keeping it real and not hiding behind any gimmicks. You know exactly what you’re getting into, which is more expensive repairs and a transparent brand that tells it like they see it.

Still, their e-Tron is priced lower than we first anticipated, and is the first in the major works of Audi to bring electric vehicles to the forefront of their manufacturing process.

You can expect to see more amazing electric vehicles come out of them in the coming months.

Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace

Yeah, Jaguar even made it onto the list. We’re seeing this increasing trend of top-tier manufacturers making electric cars that come out of nowhere and surprise people, and Jaguar definitely fits that bill.

They keep the same basic design that you know and love, but with a little bit of sleekness added to it.

The main thing we were surprised with was the pricing. I mean, it’s a Jaguar, right? It’s going to be expensive, isn’t it?

Think again. It’s a heart-stopping price that will certainly have you second-guessing if this is the vehicle for you, but once you get under the hood, you realize it’s the same great quality that Jaguia is known for. They didn’t cut any corners here and it shows, but the price is definitely reflective of it.

Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge

Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge

King of a long-winded name, but we’ll go with it. Volvo is one of the first brands that really took a shine to the idea of a fully electric future, and they’re taking charge with the Recharge: a fantastic and sleek mid-sized SUV that really shows what level of power you can expect from electric vehicles outside of just compact cars.

We all remember a time when Volvo was the car brand for families, and they kept that same level of quality and safety in check when they made the Recharge. There’s a remarkable level of speed you can achieve with such fast acceleration, and despite the modernized sleek design, it’s still comfortable inside and feels like most other vehicles.

The Recharge is comparable to the Model 3 when it comes to speed, battery life, and a lot of other great features. It’s the SUV-version of what you would expect to find in the best compact electric cars out there.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla model 3

You knew this one would be in here, right? It’s the electric car that just can’t be beat, and the one that drives the most interest to the electric car market. If we didn’t have Tesla, who knows how far along the electric car movement would be right now.

This level of power in an electric car isn’t exactly unheard of anymore, but it’s still near the top of its class. Tesla is also the only direct-to-consumer car brand where you don’t deal with crazy dealership markups.

Overall, the world has loved the Model 3, we love the Model 3, and with their financing options available, they’re one of the best cars out there right now to help people make the switch from gas to full EV>

Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan

I mean, it’s a Porsche. It’s so expensive and exclusive that even Top Gear couldn’t find a price on it. It has everything you could want when it comes to comfort and luxury, but is that really what EVs are about?

As their review says, “It’s a proper Porsche that just happens to run on electricity,” pointing to the fact that the motor is just as powerful as any other Porsche out there right now. You can’t feel a difference.

Now, are many of us ever going to drive a Porsche?

Probably not, especially at whatever unforeseen price this is, but it’s good to see the best brands in the world taking the future of electric cars seriously.

Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID.3

Futuristic name for a futuristic car, the Volkswagen ID.3 is designed with some of the best features in mind.

We know that Volkswagen is in the middle of an electric revolution when it comes to their manufacturing process, but this car is really a showcase of what they’re able to do with that vision.

The size is right in the middle; a real sweet spot. You’ll have plenty of mobility while also having enough space to accommodate just about whatever it is that you need to do.

It’s great for families, it’s great for solo use, and it’s one of the most reliable brands in the world. We’re excited to see where Volkswagen takes electric cars in the future.

Mini Electric


It’s no surprise that Mini would be included in the list of brands to have fantastic electric cars, but what we didn’t expect was to actually see them on Top Gear. There’s nothing wrong with them, they just turned up the heat on this electric car while turning down the price.

When we say they turned down the price, we really mean it. They’re one of the cheapest EVs in the game, and really make it affordable and effective for most people to switch to electric vehicles.

The drawbacks are few and far between. Because of the size of this car, you’re not getting a ton of space, and you will feel small on the road, but once you get used to it, you’ll notice how long the battery lasts and how fantastic this mini marvel really is.

Honda E

Honda E

This car essentially became the most legendary thing next to the Model 3, and it really shows that Honda isn’t just making electric cars to appease consumers, but to actually change the status quo on automobiles in general.

That being said, this car doesn’t come without its high price tag or flaws, but we really believe this is one of the best electric cars on the market right now. There’s an agreeable amount of room inside, and plenty of power under the hood.

The best thing about this car is the charge. You get a ton of mileage on a full battery, loads of safety features, and the good name of Honda on your side. They’re one of the most reliable automobile manufacturers out there for a reason, and they’ve finally gone electric (well, at least a little bit).

Polestar 2

Polestar 2

Thankfully, Tesla helped out the electric car market by getting brands the habit of releasing vehicles like sequels, but hey, we’re not complaining! The Polestar 2 comes with vast improvements over the first one, and with an improved price tag.

But what’s so fantastic about the Polestar 2? The power. It’s one of the most powerful EV cars on the market that isn’t going to completely break the bank, making it a good choice for any hardcore automobile enthusiast who doesn’t wnt to shell out a ton of money to get something that roars.

There are dual-motor and single-motor versions of this 2022 car available, and while you’re better off getting the dual motor, it’s not a ton of power to really get hung up on.

Next-Level Electric Cars

Top Gear is a next-level show, and they’ve certainly premiered some next-level electric vehicle tech. It’s exciting to see where electric vehicles are headed, and how much further ahead they are than many of us assume.

While these aren’t in the average price range, they’re showcasing some of the most innovative tech in electric cars today, and color us impressed.


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